Traveling with the Grandkids

Fishing with Kids

My daughter travels a lot. And I am fortunate to be able to spend a lot of time with my grandsons enjoying the outdoors and sharing some of my favorite things with them! I also find myself learning about some of their favorite things. While I try not to dig into the “well when we were young” type conversations with them, I am learning to embrace the new technologies they bring me and also share some of the things I love about the outdoors.

I recently researched fishing in Belarus and their wealth of year-round opportunities! Hopeful I can plan a trip with my daughter and the boys!

These boys will never know a life without cell phones, and I hope that sharing my passion for the outdoors and getting out on the lake with a kids kayak and a fishing rod will help them find their own ways to disconnect from technology and devices (even if they just downloaded a new fishing game for me on my phone!)

I have found such joy in what is often referred to as multigenerational travel and hope to continue to embrace it!

Enjoy a few moments with my boys on the lake late in the summer while we camped at the lake! If you are looking for something new for your RV, check out these fun RV accessories!

bullhead fishing

Little M with his first bullhead

Kids fishing

Big M with his first catch of the day!

You know I am a big advocate of water safety and while these boys were not wearing their life jackets for fishing there were adults on the dock at all times. They are finally turning into little fish in the water and I am excited to see their swimming (and fishing progress) as they grow up! When it comes to water safety, it is best to know a few basic water rescue techniques. You never know when you are going to need them, but if they are already in your head, hopefully you can react without having to think!

Next year I hope I can get them both on their own fishing kayaks !

Have you traveled with your grandkids? It is a pleasure I hope to continue to enjoy as my daughter educates these boys around the world! I would love to hear your favorite stories of traveling with your loved ones! Leave me a comment below!

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